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If you’re not going to get shot, do it.

This guy I know –Micky’s his name– was a Sergeant in the army. And when making a decision, let’s say in a highly-dangerous situation in combat, he says the worst thing he could have done is nothing.

Go left, or go right, but don’t do nothing. If you go left, or right, whichever way you pick, it could turn out well, or it could turn out badly. If it’s the former, great, but if it’s the latter, you adjust. Making a decision provides you with immediate feedback, raw information, data on how to improve, and clearly tells you the strengths and weakness of the decision you just made, as well as the new position you’re now in. And that way you also keep moving forward. Doing nothing provides you with absolutely none of that. Standing still is like going backwards.

Micky also runs a very successful business and he has no hangups, no insecurities and no fears when it comes to asking people to help him in attempts to get new contracts, more work or telling people how he could help them.

People generally do want to help. But they’re also inherently sceptical and hesitant to help those who are plain desperate. We tend to be more open to helping people who are self-assured and don’t need us. And that’s Micky’s approach to his business. Asking people for help is not something he’s ever afraid to do. He knows he’s good at what he does and his attitude is: ‘What’s the worst that can happen? If I’m not going to get shot, then why not go for it?’

If someone tells you ‘No’, they’re not interested, or even to piss off, so what?… You didn’t get shot.

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