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I just invented ‘Reverse Murphy’s Law’. Dumb, right? Yep, just like Murphy’s Law.

Murphy’s Law is demented. Because, every day, we notice and pay much more attention to, and make a big deal about the few little things that don’t go our way, as opposed to the thousands of little things that do. It’s giving meaning to random events and occurrences that have none, other than: it happened.

So to prove how dumb it is, try this: Every time something works out when it could easily not have, say to whoever you’re with, ‘Reverse Murphy’s Law!’

What the fuck, why the fuck would you do that, right? That’s fucken dumb, ay?

Yep. Just like saying Murphy’s Law when something goes ‘right’.

Try it for yourself!
  • Cross the street in a slightly different spot to where you usually do. If you don’t get mowed down by a bus and churned out the back in pieces… REVERSE MURPHY’S LAW!
  • Wake up a bit later for work than you usually do, and when you find you’re running a bit behind schedule, pour yourself a coffee. And if you don’t accidentally trip and spill a hot-as-shit, scalding cappuccino on your clothes and burn your stupid ass – REVERSE MURPHY’S LAW!
  • Stand around in a place you usually don’t, where there’s birds around above you. Wait for one to take a dump. Didn’t land on your head?  REVERSE MURPHY’S LAW!

Conclusion: Murphy’s Law and Reverse Murphy’s Law both adhere to the same physical, scientific principle, ie. they’re both fucking dumb.

Both Murphy’s Law and the equally dumb Reverse Murphy’s Law should have this done to them by Murphy (the Murphy from Robocop):