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Howzat: The Top-5 Greatest Ever Rain Delays In the History of Cricket

With the first ever competitive match being played way back in 1646, cricket is one of the world’s oldest sports. And with thousands and thousands of matches being played across all ages and levels since then,  there’s also been countless rain delays, causing everything from interruptions in play, to abrupt anti-climactic endings or even cancellation of  countless scheduled matches that were never even able to begin. It’s almost impossible to compare the greatness of rain delays across different eras in the sport, let alone to pick five of the greatest ever but we’re going to give it our best crack… Here goes… our top 5 greatest rain delays in International Cricket history… Catch ‘im!

1. November 2011, South Australia vs Victoria, 2011-12 Sheffield Shield, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia

2. August 1879, Lancashire vs Middlesex at Old Trafford Cricket Ground, England


3. May 1999, Jaipur vs Ajmer Under 11’s, Rajasthan, India (image depicts match still in progress, match abandoned 45 minutes later)

4. December 2004, New Zealand vs South Africa, Christchurch, New Zealand (match abandoned without a ball being bowled)

5. March 1996, Mirpur, Pakistan, India-Pakistan

Whew, so there you have it. It wasn’t easy choosing from hundreds of thousands of possibilities, but those are our top 5 greatest ever rain delays in Cricket history. This is an incredibly polarising topic and we don’t expect you’ll all agree with us, so if you don’t, be sure to share your greatest ever cricket rain delays in the comments below.