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You Got a Better Idea?: Use These Sliders To See 5 Monster Trucks In The Ocean Because I Need To Publish Something Every Day and Whatever, Who Gives A Fuck, This’ll Do For Today

I want to publish something every day but I can’t be fucked thinking of anything today and it’s already late, so whatever, who cares, use the sliders to reveal a monster truck in the ocean. 

1. Kaboom! Here’s a Monster Truck and Here’s The Ocean. Boom Shakalaka. Who fucking cares cbf.

2. Do you have a better idea than combining pictures of the ocean and monster trucks? Because I don’t.

3. I’m gassed. I’m shit out of ideas and this monster truck in the ocean effort is all I’ve got.

4. A good thing to do when your brain no workie is get 1 thing (ocean) and 2nd thing (monster truck) and put 1 thing with other thing.

5. I wish I could think of something to write about, but I can’t so here’s another monster truck doing shit to the ocean, fucking the ocean up real good, in a way climate change or industrial oil spills could only ever dream about. Yaaaaas! FUck it see ya