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So Disappointing: Travellers at International Airport Spotted Without Face Coverings, Not Social Distancing While Boarding Flight

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN–Several people at Kabul International airport yesterday were seen not wearing masks and ignoring social distancing guidelines while they attempted to board their flight. The travellers were spotted on the tarmac and had no obvious reason for not following COVID-19 protocols.

SMH, so selfish.

Several fellow travellers at the airport immediately noticed the people in question blatantly shirking public health recommendations after arrival. They said that not only had the perpetrators not sanitised their hands even once after forcing their way past security onto the tarmac, but from the time they desperately clambered their way through the hordes of terrified countrymen onto the side of a US military plane in a last ditch effort to flee the impending horrifying tyranny of a resurgent Taliban rule, to the moment they plummeted to their death from the aircraft, they had not put on their masks even once.

Disgraceful! Look, we all feel the same way about sticking to annoying facemask and social distancing rules, but come on man, we’re in this together! It’s people like these, putting their own selfish comfort over public safety that are the reason we’ll never get on top of COVID-19. Ugh!

Onlookers also reported that if the “maskless criminals” did finally put on their masks, they were probably the types of people that would order food on their flight and nurse it for the entire flight, just so they wouldn’t have to put on their face covering.

Ugh, excuses like ‘Masks cause other medical problems’, ‘My mask doesn’t match my outfit’ or ‘Now that Kabul has fallen to the Taliban again, my wife and daughter are days away from being raped then killed and I’m about to, at best, have my arms and legs amputated by punishment for my involvement with the former coalition’ just don’t cut it!

Think about someone other than yourself for once!

On a brighter note, there were fortunately some that didn’t use a last-ditch attempt at fleeing oppressive and barbaric totalitarian Sharia law as an excuse and still did their bit for stopping the spread of coronavirus, as this upstanding citizen showed us.

Good job, son! Faith in humanity=restored!