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A Deep Dive into: Passion [pt.3] – If you hate something (with a passion) & The philosophy of: Michael vs. Toby from The Office

This is the third of a series of a Deep Dive into Passion. What is it, is it what makes us human, is it okay to have passions no matter what they are, and why do we have the ones we do…

If you hate something, and hate it with a passion, have you ever thought about why you do? And what that much?

It’s possible that we hate certain things because we fear we may become them or we’re scared they might take our life over.

This is Michael from the office. And this is Toby. And Michael hates Toby.

Because he’s boring, no one likes him, he’s not funny, not handsome (like Michael thinks he is) and bad with women.

It’s possible that these are all the things that Michael is afraid of being, or worse, that he already thinks he is himself.