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A Deep Dive into: AI [pt.8] The philosophy of Peter Haas: We need a healthy scepticism to make AI both benign and useful for humanity

Humanity hasn’t faced a serious threat to its existence since the plague ravished Europe, on a smaller scale, hundreds of thousands died of  cholera (which still do in underdeveloped countries), the two world wars, or anything like the environmental calamities such as the end of the dinosaurs or the ice age.

Until now. It’s possible AI won’t rise up in a way that’s popularised by movies like Terminator (more to come on the effect linking serious discussion on AI with science fiction and anthropomorphised versions of AI in a future post…), but it may just be a software program taking charge of nuclear launch codes which eventually does the damage (or starts the damage, say by triggering a missile from Russia to the US, then humans will finish the job ourselves).

That’s why as Peter Hass says, the topic requires a balanced discussion about codes of conduct of AI, and a healthy scepticism on the effect i potentially has on our lives.