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A day at a music festival is like your life condensed into 7 hours: you’ve got a choice to make it annoying or make it excellent

You spend half the day texting people, trying to find out where they’re at to meet up with them, trying to call because they’re not responding to your texts, but then the signal there sucks, so you can’t through, so you keep trying, meanwhile they’re trying to call you and you’re getting pissed off that it’s busy, so then you text them, but at this point they’ve gone to see one of the acts and don’t respond for forever, so you try calling one more time, but once agin you can’t get through and you give up and end up pissed off. So in the meantime you post a couple pics on Instagram to tell people how how interesting your life is and how cool is it is to be seeing live music.

In the meantime you miss experiencing the thing you’re actually here for.

I love seeing my friends as much that bloke you see over there, yeah just to your left, but if I have to spend a shitload of time on the phone, stuff it. Time has the highest value of anything in the world, times 16 billion, so any extra unnecessary time spent doing my head in, especially on the phone, is more than a waste of time. It’s a waste of life, and at the expense of seeing and experiencing live music. Fuck that.

And if you need the schedule, there’s actually paper versions at the festival I’m sure.

I’m going to a music festival up here on the Sunshine Coast today and I’ve got the perfect solution for all that crap I just mentioned: Phone off, all day. If I run into my friends, awesome. That’s’ll actually be even more cool and exciting, running into them randomly,  instead of spending 2 hours on the phone trying to set it up, by that time, you’re pissed off and just want to see some music and catching up is not more than anti-climactic.. There’s coffee shops for meeting up with friends. Festivals are for experiencing and feeling how frickin’ MOST EXCELLENT live music is.

And on the top of how most excellent live music, here’s a track by Urthboy, the guy I’m most pumped to see today: