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Change is neither good nor bad, it just is. And it can’t be stopped, so embrace it.

You yourself are a part of [this] universe; and for any one of nature’s parts, that which is assigned to it by the World-Nature or helps to keep the whole world in being is good. Moreover, what keeps the whole world in being is Change: not merely change of the basic elements, but also change of the larger formations they compose.
– Marcus Aurelius, Meditations (Book 2:3)

I asked my girlfriend recently how well she thinks she knows herself. She told me something like, ‘About 50%, but it’s impossible to know yourself completely, because you’re constantly changing.’

You and everything around you and everything that’s living is constantly changing. Every fraction of a second. You are not the same person you are now… as you are right now. In that second you changed. Because, from the moment you or any living thing is even conceived, every second you get closer to the end of life, and whether we notice it or not our thoughts and life priorities are constantly in what Socrates referred to as a state of flux. Constantly changing and developing. Never, for even a split second, stagnant and unchanging.

So change is not good, nor bad. It is the natural order of everything that exists. It’s what makes us grow, and improve and learn how to live. So whether you’re going through a big change or small, or you’re soon about to, go with it, embrace it, because it’s the way it and you are supposed to be, and change.