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Can you name one event that people get congratulated for that was done ENTIRELY within their control and ENTIRELY with their own free will? (The only thing that you can truly congratulate someone for is…umm…?)

Any thing ‘fortunate’ that happens happen with either the help of other people, conditions or things you don’t control.

Getting married relies on someone else accepting you. Having a baby relies on favourable biological dispositions within the father and mother’s body. Getting accepted into University relies on acceptance by the Admission officers (yes, you may have worked hard for it, but hard work doesn’t guarantee entry. Say you personally threatened the families of all the staff with what you would do to them if they didn’t get in… Yeah, nah, you ain’t getting in).

Okay so let’s go deeper.

What about Elon Musk building rockets? The power and faculty and functional nature of his brain and other forms of health are out of his control. Yes he worked hard to learn every god damn thing about electric batteries and rockets and solar energy and every other physical thing in the world, but if he got struck down with a mystery illness at the age of 23 let’s say, and he didn’t, well that’s something he has no control over. So you can’t even congratulate him for a job well done that he solely did.

Okay what about sports stars? You can make the argument Lebron James would make any team a champion, but still, injuries and the health of his body and for example degenerative knee conditions (which many who train in the gym just as hard as him suffered and had their careers ended) he does not control.

What about solo sports? Roger Federer is #1 in an individual sport. Does he deserve congratulations because he got there entirely on his own without the aid of something outside his own willpower? See the previous example about injuries.

This is the folly of Congratulations.