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Another student of mine inspires me (+ another reason I’m going the next 364 days without taking a photo)

I’m not taking a photo of anything (other than practical reasons, receipts etc. or for this blog) until September 2018. This is why,

But today, a student of mine gave me another reason.

How long is a moment (and what is it)? 

Watch this (at 1:40):

When you see something magical, just an amazing moment where nothing else matters and you’re frozen in a beautiful moment where you’re either at one with nature or something else remarkable, it lasts a moment. That initial feeling lasts a moment.

So, as it takes at least another moment to realise that you ‘Should take a photo of this’ and then another one to actually take it, it is not possible to actually capture that initial moment of ‘Holy FUCK.’ or ‘FUCK YEAH!!!!’ or any of the other variations (e.g. ‘FUCKEN AY/’SHIT YEAH’/FUCK ME/GOD FUCKING DAMN IT/GOD FUCKING SHIT YEAH etc. etc.) in a picture.

So not only have you not captured the true greatness of that initial moment of amazement, you’ve also cut short any extended presence in that moment that you could have had.