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Actually, maybe a better question is ‘WHAT are you?’

What’s your answer?

What I am and what you are and what every physical thing on this planet is, is a living organism. One that has consciousness. Either with a level of consciousness that perhaps only we understand, or a consciousness that is different than that of every other species, and a consciousness that precludes us from understanding other species’ consciousness.

Beyond that though, we are only a collection of atoms. But that’s actually not true (well it is. But it’s not). All you and me and everyone and everything else in this entire universe is nothing but a collection of elementary particles.

That’s it. If someone or something pisses you off, or you lose something, remember, it’s a collection of elementary particles bound together to make atoms, bound together to make molecules, which makes matter. And that’s all that anyone or anything is.

Sidenote: If atoms are made of elementary particles, and there’s nothing smaller than that, what are those made out of? Nothing? Can something be made of nothing? We may be limited by what our eyes can see but if we can imagine a more advanced machine in the future having superior sight to us, maybe the level of formation of even an elemntary particle goes down another level. Or 5 (500?)