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6 Times When Small Talk Is Not Appropriate

Small Talk is a great way to lead into a more meaningful interaction with a stranger. And it’s pretty much always a good time to start a casual chat with a new friend at any time or place, but there are still some occasions when initiating a chinwag about the weather, how bad traffic is getting or how the price of petrol is just ridiculous with your neighbour is just not appropriate. Here are six of those times when chit-chat is a no-no:

1) With the person next to you while your plane is crash landing

2) With the person you are currently having sexual intercourse with

3) With the panicking person you are rescuing from a riptide who is threatening to pull you under too

4) With the man/men who is/are torturing you in Saudi Arabia’s Dhabhan Prison

5) With your partner while she’s having a baby

6) With a fellow soldier while dismantling an IED