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Here Are 6 Stupid Photos of Dumb Intersections From Around The World Because Travel is a Stupid Thing That You Only Do If You Want To Be An Idiot

For over a year now, across the globe, international travel has been all but ruled out. But who needs it anyway? Why do we really need to go into an aeroplane and then leave the aeroplane and then go back on an aeroplane before just ending up back home asleep in your own closet anyway.

No thanks.

Travel is a dumb thing people do in other places so they can look at stupid people eating dumb food and doing boring dances and talking with words that don’t even exist because they’re stupid and not real.

Forget that.

Here are 6 stupid intersections from dumb places around the world because travel is a thing people who don’t have a brain do because they are big and dumb and don’t even have a brain:


1. This stupid place full of idiots being lame



2. Look at this idiot traffic light. You can just tell it’s in a place where people walk around the street saying ‘Every morning we wake up and flip ourselves off while brushing our teeth because we know that God thinks we are dumb and speak a fake language for jerks. Why would anyone want to travel here and talk at a bunch of jerks like us that flip ourselves off while we brush our teeth? ‘




3. Oh man, how embarrassing. Check out this dumb place. Idiots. 


4. Boring. Get a load of these boring people doing dumb boring things, all like ‘ duhhhhh derp derp derp gee boss what’s a brains? One plus one equals one. I’m on my way to work because I need to feed all my families. ‘ What a bunch of assholes. 


5. God. More people being lame and boring . Travel fucking sucks.  




6. Jerks. Seriously. Bunch of fucking jerks. Go back to your own country, am I right, ladies?




7. Wow. Welcome to another shit boring day in Boringsville. I mean. .. ‘Intersection’? More like inter-suck-tion, because this bullshit ass fucking dump sucks ass. 


Which country do you think totally sucks and is a heap of bullshit because it’s dumb and full of boring idiots singing songs with dumb words while wearing big stupid clothes that look like shit? Tell us in the comments below!