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‘Respect?’ What is ‘Respect?’ – R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Find out what it means to me (why should it mean anything?)

Is respect (and the anger caused by a lack of it) just in the eye of the beholder? How much unnecessary anger and frustration do people feel because they feel they don’t get this non tangible thing? That nebulous thing that is not quantifiable. This thing that is abundance in nature as much as Orange coloured unicorns are gigantic beefcake leprechauns?

There is a difference between being disrespected and being exploited.

…but how much energy, time and thought is wasted on thinking ‘x doesn’t respect me.’

If George Bush thought it was a good thing to have a shoe thrown at him, this would be a good thing (actually it’s likely he didn’t know it was bad, so who knows what he thought this man was trying to say. He actually seems to think this might be a fun Middle Eastern game people like to play at press conferences). If Patrick Ewing, instead of getting upset that Scottie Pippen stepped over him, was pleased that Pippen chose not to step on him, he would actually feel grateful and happy that Pippen chose to walk around him and not on his chest or face.

Being exploited is one thing. Being looked at one way that is superficial over your more tangible qualities… well that says something pretty clear about the person doing it (and how much do you respect their opinion or intelligence anyway if they do that? And how much do you want to be part of your life if that is the way they see you?)

Being disrespected? How much does it matter to you? If you feel satisfied with what you’re doing, what difference does it make to not get this thing called ‘respect’?

Sidenote: The questions here are meant to be asked (of yourself, to see what thought and action it leads to) –not to be answered by me. I am aware I’m a white, middle-aged male living in Western democracy, so yes, no one is more qualified to talk about respect (and lack of it) than me.