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My weekly CLASSIC LaLiga moment | Matchday 28: Aleix Vidal 😎👍

Every week, LaLiga is crammed full of CLASSIC moments. And you better believe that this past weekend was no different. Here’s my CLASSIC moment of Matchday 27:

Matchday 28 CLASSIC Moment: Aleix Vidal

Matchday 28’s now almost in the books (don’t worry about Barcelona v Girona, who cares). And before this weekend, coming into its crucial clash with Athletic Bilbao, it was already uh-oh spaghettios for Espanyol after 4 straight losses. This is what happened next:

Whoopsiedoodle, Espanyol. That’s another whoopsiedoodle. Maybe next week against Betis in Sevilla is when the whoopsidoodles will cease. Because if whoopsiedoodles like this continue, oh boy, there’s a massive uh-oh spaghetti-os coming up, specifically in the form of relegation.

So to you, Aleix Vidal:

Is this your last ditch attempt to get a desperately needed equalising goal, Aleix Vidal (and Espanyol)?