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My weekly CLASSIC LaLiga moment | Matchday 27: Karim Benzema x Yeray Álvarez 😎👍

Every week, LaLiga is crammed full of CLASSIC moments. And you better believe that this past weekend was no different. Here’s my CLASSIC moment of Matchday 27:

Matchday 27 CLASSIC Moment: Karim Benzema x Yeray Álvarez

Matchday 27 of LaLiga is now in the books and this week let’s take a look at this classic moment from Bilbao’s grim 0-0 draw at home to Getafe, particularly in the context of Madrid’s 6-0 plowing of Real Valladolid at the Bernabeu.


Real Madrid’s and Atheltic Bilbao’s recrtuitment policies couldn’t be further apart. On Saturday, one of the greatest Galacticos of all-time, Karim Benzema yet again cheated, ratcheting up his FIFA rating to 99 and dropping everyone else’s on the pitch to 40 for Real Valladolid’s visit to the Bernabeu. Benzema knocked in a hatrick all in about 6 seconds and once again showed why he’s still the best striker on the planet, doing it when it really matters for the world’s most successful club.

Meanwhile in Bilbao, we saw what happens when you have the world’s most limited talent pool to choose from thanks to an unwaveringadherance to the world’s most racist recruitment policy, as Yeray Álvarez’s deficient and incestuous version of Benzema’s effort went flailing off into nowhere, missing the target and landing just within Athletic’s Basque recruiting zone.

So to you, Yeray Álvarez:

Is this your attempt to break the 0-0 stalemate in the 75th minute against shitty Getafe in a must-win game to try qualify for Europe, Yeray Álvarez?