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LaLiga moment | Matchday 35: Vinicius Jr (GUILTY!) 👨‍⚖️

Every week, LaLiga is crammed full of CLASSIC moments. And you better believe that this past weekend was no different. Here’s my CLASSIC moment of Matchday 35:

Matchday 35 CLASSIC Moment: Vinicius Jr

Last weekend’s CLASSIC #LaLiga moment #bailavinijr #vinicius @viniscius.jr @Valencia CF x @Real Madrid C.F.

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This past weekend, Real Madrid’s Vini Jr was found guilty of all racism in Spain. The verdict was handed down by La Liga president Javier Tebas Medrano, and due to not attending two meetings set up by La Liga on the topic, Vini Jr has finally been sentenced and the verdict has been handed down on his single-handed culpability for the inititation, current state and future of racism in all of La Liga and wider Spanish culture.


A deserved verdict. Finally the root of racism in Spain, and perhaps the wider world (Vini Jr’s charge for this is yet to be announced), has been unearthed, and we can pin it, the racist abuse, monkey chants, being almost choked out and then sent off, and just all racism more broadly on one man–Vinisius Jr. Guilty!

So to you, Vinicius Jr:

Is this your attmpt to not be responsible for all racism, Vini Jr ?