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Hang on, wait. Making more money doesn’t mean you LIVE LONGER?

These are the richest people in the world. Wowee. If aliens are watching us from somewhere right now, they would have to ascertain that, based on how much we value money and how much we talk about the salaries of the top earners in the world, (in sports or technology or entertainment), and how one of the top dreams of people is to win the lottery (and how much money is spent on trying to win more money), aliens would have to think that this is the formula of being a human (and living as one):

A lot of money = a long life
Not much money = short life

So therefore, a fucking SHIT TON of money MUST MEAN an extension of your life a fucking SHIT TON of years. 

But what do you know? Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, all these people are going to live pretty much the exact same of years as you and me.¹ So if you think about it, the pursuit of money, and success, fame etc. is pointless. There’s one thing you and I have in common with the people who make that shit ton of money (or who barely have any at all) and it’s time. So it’s much more worthwhile to think deeply about how to use that limited resource the best way we can.

¹ Maybe they have the cash to cryogenically freeze themselves for reanimation in the future, but whether that’ll work (or if there’ll be a future where humans still exist or are relevant) isn’t even for sure yet.